Astro A03 Earbuds review

At first sight of the package, you may doubt if the headsets will deliver and if you will get a return worth your money. Well, despite the packaging and the price, the Astro A03 in-ear monitors are worth the bucks. Additionally, the package comes with a carrying case.

The Astro A03 in-ear monitors build guarantees your comfort in that they won’t hurt your ears. The earbuds have comfort all over them and hold on perfectly to the ear that you won’t keep adjusting. The lay-flat cable also gives comfort because you won’t keep untangling them. The thought of having aluminum housing is quite recommendable for the comfort of the user.

For any piece of headsets, you buy sound delivery is always a driving factor, and to be honest, the manufactures of the Astro put that first. Sound is key. Although the Astro A03 headsets are designed specifically for gaming, they can equally deliver a good experience when listening to music, watching a movie, or even communicating with others and promises high-quality audio thanks to the dual-driver technology. This technology controls distortion of sounds offering clarity in the audios delivered.

Having a headset can never be more exciting if you can’t answer and hang up calls and control media sound on your device. Well the Astro A03 In-ear monitors allow you do all that smoothly since it comes with built-in audio controls and microphones.

With sound incredibility granted, the mic should also be of good sound delivery as the earbuds. The mic is also quite functional, just like the earbuds, but sometimes when the sounds are a bit high, the mic tends to be a bit low. It is advisable to have a balanced sound when on the mic, especially if you are a large team.

The Astro A03 in-ear Monitors is durability is not a gamble. The components and the aluminum housing make it durable. You can carry it around, and it will still be in its best condition. With a fifty-dollar asking price, it’s worth it. The experience is quite intriguing.