Hitman 3

Hitman 3 is a continuation of the previous two series and a conclusion to the world of the assassination Trilogy. The series is dramatic and action-filled as agent 47 returns to accomplish the most important tasks in his career. The plot revolves around Agent 47 in various cities and towns but with the same mission.

Hitman 3 has a number of levels with a lot of surprises in them. The game is quite thrilling and challenging at the same time. The plot includes 10asassins hiding at an abandoned scrubby industrial warehouse in Berlin, and Agent 47 has to kill all of them. The assassins can identify the Agent even when he is in guise. The thrill of it is to kill each of them without anyone noticing. Keep in mind there are thousands of witnesses. It gets more challenging since the assassins are also in disguise, so identifying them involves stealing their earpieces.

HITMAN3 uses the same artificial intelligence and stealth systems from the first games. The user interface is also the same, making it easier to figure out, mainly if you played the first games. It also has fewer levels than the previous ones, though it is still as challenging and entertaining.

The England mission seems to be the most challenging and engaging because of the setting and visual aspects. Multiple navigation options also make this level stand out. Other levels involve Travelling to various destinations through Dubai, an adventure that also has impressive visual effects. At the final level, agent 47 goes to China, but you’ll get limited opportunities to get creative with exploration. This is understandable because it marks the end of agent 47’s journey, but it can still disappoint you if you were looking for the same intensity the other levels have.

This game shows that IO still has what it takes to create amazing challenges at different levels of a game. You still get blind corners, security cameras, better weapons, strategically placed guards, and hidden places you can take advantage of. Although some of the levels are weak, the general outcome makes it a good finish to the trilogy.