AOC PD27 Gaming monitor Review!

AOC PD27 has a slim design with noticeable protruding areas in the middle and toward the bottom. It’s easy to miss the protrusion when the screen isn’t mounted on a wall, but the visible metal stands at the back of the screen add to its design appeal. The stand isn’t just great for wall mounting. It also has swiveling and tilting capabilities. You may not be able to replace the stand with another one, but given all its advantages, which include height adjustment, you wouldn’t want to. The visible stand legs also help you make a statement when you have the monitor on a stand.

The back of the screen is made with black plastic that doesn’t have a glossy finish. You get enough room for RGB LEDs and a joystick on the left side. K-slot is available on the bottom right side. Other ports you will find helpful are a direct current power input port, 2 USB ports with one for fast charging, 2 3.0 USB ports, headphone and microphone jacks, and 2 HDMI ports. The screen also comes with an in-built sound system that is customizable. You can adjust the equalizer and other audio settings to get the kind of output you prefer. You can still use them with your standalone speakers if the sound production isn’t good enough for you.

When configuring the audio settings that are found in the AOCPD27, you may want to try the sing rock setting as the DTSSound and turning on the TruVolume. If these don’t please you, you can try adjusting the various settings to find the ones that are clear enough for you. When using the screen for gaming, you can connect your headphones directly, and there will not be any distortion of sound. You will get additional accessories with this monitor are DP and power cables, a power adapter, HDMI, and USB cables. You can get more display from the screen by using the 2560 x 1440 resolution with the HDR and Adaptive-Sync. Given all you’re getting with this screen, it is worth every penny.