Here’s a game review on watch dogs 3

Very few games have room for all characters as protagonists. This openness gives Watch Dogs legion a unique aspect that also makes it interesting.

All players take a journey to London, which has a different setting than what is portrayed in the other watchdog versions. The game starts with a terrorist blowing up bombs in the city. The bad guy frames the good hackers, which results in police officers being given an order to boost security in Albion.

The good hackers seem to be getting overpowered by killings and deportations, but one player survives and is faced with the task of recruiting new members. They have to defeat government officers, Zero Day, and Albion, who are all working against them. The recruiter has to get creative to get the correct numbers. All players can start communicating and share ideas on how to overthrow the system. You don’t have to prompt before someone engages you. It happens randomly.

Ost players seem ready to join the Dedsec (good hackers) even without previous skills, but some recruits have special skills that grant them access to some advantages.

There are diverse characters that you will notice when you overlook your disbelief to understand the game concept. You get realistic cells and can recruit players with different professions and get them to fight for the same goals. The characters you get also have specific voice-over roles they play to maintain their personality through the conversations and conversations held during a mission. The game is the same throughout, but the characters keep changing, which changes the conversations depending on who becomes the next protagonist.

One of the downsides of the game is the generic lines that characters get to say. They may not go with your character, and they don’t seem to be original either. Only the characters that players can’t control have good lines and even get to throw some punchlines around.

It’s still amazing how watchdog legion makes interchangeable players interesting and different from what other games offer. Getting to build your team seems to be the most interesting aspect of the game.