Logitech M325 wireless mouse review..

Some people argue that choosing a mouse over a touchpad can increase your productivity. Logitech M325 wireless mouse has received positive reviews from its customers. It only comes in plain blue-grey and stealth black color; however, the top part, which can be held by your hand, is available in different designs. The designs include various interesting and original patterns that are worth your consideration.

The rest of the mouse has a glossy finish that’s resistant to hand grease. There’s also a soft black rubber grip from left to right and a matt base. These materials add to this mouse’s superb quality. Additionally, it is lightweight, only weighs 90 grams, allowing you to move around with it comfortably.

This wireless mouse measures only 10 cm hence perfectly fit in your hands. Its curved sides are made of rubber to give your thumb on the side and your ring and little fingers on the other side excellent grip. We also love that it features a simple to open panel in its base giving the AA battery easy access. Therefore, if the included alkaline battery is drained, you can quickly replace it with a cost-effective rechargeable like an Eneloop. Plus, this model won’t have a significant impact on the environment, as the company claims that a single battery can last for as long as 18 months.

Additionally, there’s a little switch that you can press to turn the mouse off when you’re not using it. You’ll also see the USB Nano receiver behind the battery’s panel, which plugs into your laptop or PC, allowing the mouse to connect wirelessly.

Like all other high-end wireless peripherals of today, it features a tiny receiver that measures 18mm from tip to tail. Also, it uses 2.4GHz RF technology, which allows it to offer a longer range. The receiver can be used with all recent Logitech RF keyboards with the tight Logitech software.

However, this mouse’s sensor uses a 1000dpi optical sensor, which is a bit outdated. Well, since this isn’t a gaming mouse, the optical sensor is adequate for most tasks and surfaces. But, some models like Microsoft’s 6000 use BlueTrack, which can track virtually across any surface.

Overall, the Logitech M325 is a beautiful mouse that adds ease and comfort when scrolling through long documents or lengthy pages.