Review on Razer Thresher Ultimate Headset!

Razer Thresher Ultimate has excellent audio quality and wireless connectivity, bringing a new twist to the gaming experience. Although razer thresher ultimate cans are optionally available at $217, being able to work with a PC through the base station is the motivation for purchasing them. The headband may not be that impressive at first, but as you continue to use them, you’ll begin to love the studio-like semblance and their massive sound output. It doesn’t take a toll on your concentration or brain capacity, even when you play a game for a long time.

Another new feature of this gaming headset is the Dolby Surround that isn’t very visible but is still accessible through the base station. You also get a charger from the box, which is great for easy charging, but the wireless functionality may make it harder to keep tabs on the battery capacity. The design doesn’t have visuals for watching the battery levels, but you will have optimal wireless connectivity for approximately 6 hours.

The on-ear controls are challenging and need attention to get used to. Spend time to learn how to differentiate the controls before attempting to change them on your ear, and you’ll have better results. The sound isolation feature also looks good. When you start playing a game, and all the sound effects come alive, you lose the in-house sound that could be a distraction and instead hear the game music and background effects.

Compared to other options like Hyper X Cloud Alpha, RazerThresherUltimate isn’t as stunning, but it still delivers enough detailed sound to keep you occupied. You won’t get overblown bass or inconsistent sound levels. Both the high and mid-level tones are perfectly leveled.

The high price may be off-putting to most people, but given all the features you’re getting in return, you shouldn’t hold off on it. It is in a fair range, compared to the high prices of gaming audios. A cheaper option would be wired sound devices, but the Razer Thresher Ultimate is one of the best in the market for the convenience that wireless gaming headsets present.