Its that time for Call Of Duty Cold War Game Review

For most people, spending £60 per year on video games is an unimaginable concept. However, this call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War review will change your mind. You don’t just get one game when you pay for this sixth title in one of the most thrilling conspiracy-packed series. You get zombies to play with your friends and multiplayer game options to use your competitive skills. A single-story player option and co-op horde mode are also available.

A soviet agent plans to blow up Europe, and secret government operatives are mandated to stop him. You get a lot of exciting experiences as you follow the agents on their mission. There is a well-orchestrated KGB headquarter that isn’t easy to break into. You get to control where to go before you reach the headquarter. You also enjoy a continuous plotline with the agents from previous games.

Multiplayer is the most enjoyable mode. It has many unique new features, such as the ability to protect one of your agents until you can lift them safely. Other team members can continue tackling the enemy while you’re on protection duty. Another option is the Firearm: Dirty Bomb, in which four players can engage in detonating bombs while others collect uranium. These are optional, unlike Search and Destroy Domination and Team Deathmatch. The weaponry and the settings for these options remain realistic, making the game as engaging as its predecessors.

Zombies divert away from the intense combat into a horror setting. The setting is a Nazi research compound that is no longer being used. You will have your heart pounding as you navigate through the wreckage to search for the right weapons that can fight off the walking dead after you. You can save your team as you earn points, which makes it an excellent team-player gaming option.

CallofDuty: Black Ops ColdWar paves the way for another sequel if you’re interested in going to a higher level. However, settings could use an update, and the campaign hints are a good sign that players will get them.