kingdom hearts iii Game Review

One thing you can’t deny is that Disney world offers the most eye-catching and epic scenes from motion pictures to games. This is evident in the new release of Kingdom Hearts 3.After a long wait of 13 years, the game is back, and the beauty and diversity in the Disney world are felt.

As it’s known, the game is built on Sora and his friends going on dangerous adventures to save the world. The concept of friendships is still strong, and the idea of fighting off evil and facing perilous situations is still maintained. At the start of the game, the ambiance created is not one to convince of danger ahead, but as you progress, you realize that there are too much combat and somberness involved along the way. It mostly feels like you are in abandoned cities that have never experienced any life.

For a new player who hasn’t followed from the original game, the plot can seem complicated. But one thing we have to acknowledge is that the terrains and weapons make for an exciting war. The addition of characters Donald Duck and Goofy to help Sora makes it more involving. Seeing Sora turns into monsters together with the friends makes it seem like they are losing on the mission at hand.

The setup is Disney’s dark world and the flashy attacks that Keyblades grant makes it possible to switch your game styles. At some point, you feel the emptiness in the dark world. But the more you tackle the evils. You get to unlock more levels and experiment with tactics. Some scenes like the narrow corridors have been recreated though they look more familiar. The key is to keep the characters well armored to increase the chances of survival.

The most exciting part of Kingdom hearts 3 is the flash blades. With the flash blades, you can cast spells that heal the world and also summon other famous Disney characters to help you fight. This concept cements the theme of the power of friendships to overcome evil. The visuals are very catchy, and the strategies are engaging. The ending is just like Disney’s world style.