Crash Bandicoot is back! Game Review.

The return of Crash Bandicoot comes along with more exciting features for the lovers of the mascot. For newcomers, the experience that awaits is fun-filled and with loads of surprises. Some features have been left behind in the older versions, while some have been brought forward in the re-make. Although it is a re-make, you can feel the familiarity with the characters and surroundings for those who played the previous versions.

The new Crash is also visually welcoming as it shifts between 3D 2D planes with images being shown in HD. The game still involves spinning and sliding, which could seem a quite familiar game concept, but the focus on controlling Coco and Crash makes the game more engaging. Aside from that, Coco and Crash also come along with new moves. These two characters play identically. The exciting part is when we meet a new Tawna version, which comes out with newly refined skills.

In this sequel from Crash Bandicoot, Sane Trilogy, and Crash Team Racing, The main characters will need to Make use of quantum masks that enable them to face dangerous objects. Each is created in a way it can tell a player how to overcome obstacles. The usual characters, Dr.neo, Cortex, and Dingodile, present unique playstyles, and moves to keep the game more engaging. As much as they seem more refined, you can easily tell that on Crash Bandicoot 4: it’s about time, Neo’s move seems to come out as the weakest among the rest.

The game has a quite flowing story, but there are challenges involved. Wumpa fruit and gems’ collection are challenges that determine how Coco and Crash progress through the game. These challenges will keep you on your toes to move to the next level of the game. The downside with the new game is that the retro mode, which has limited lives, forces you to restart a level should you run out of the lives. This can be quite heart-breaking for newcomers not familiar with it. Crash Bandicoot4:its’ about time goes beyond what is explained above a try at it is recommendable to get a hands-on experience.