Ori and the will of the wisps willows

Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a game that has found a way to balance combat and fun features like dancing. The beautiful surroundings that the game is set on are also captivating. The beauty of the forest, the lake, the swamps, and the lighting features that radiate through the forest will keep you engaged for a while before you even start the game. The constant motion in the game is another aspect that will engage you. The leaves that constantly dance through the forest and the light that illuminates Ori show the level of artwork that has gone into making this game.

As a continuation of Blind Forest, OriandtheWilloftheWisps doesn’t disappoint. The initial game ended with Ori as a young orphan, and this one shows Ori now living with a makeshift family. As the game starts, everything is quiet, and Ori teaches the owl hatchling how to fly. They take a test flight and are met by a strong storm that knocks them off course. They get separated in the darkness of the storm, and as Ori starts to search for the hatchling, it is evident that he has to fight the corruption and chaos once again for peace to reign in the forest.

The game is meant to take Ori to an unfamiliar territory where he has to devise new ways to save the world once again. There are new power-ups and more characters to make the story whole. Some of the characters from the previous game, which give it a familiar aspect. Some of them help Ori in his quest, while others are just there to make the journey more interesting. Others like Twilen provide useful tools that you can buy.

The new era displayed in this game is fun to explore. Every place you explore will be unique, which will feel you with a sense of adventure. Some new features you’ll love in this game are side quests, acrobatic jumps, robust combat, and several upgrade systems. The execution of these features is also smooth, which adds to the pleasantness of the game.