What to expect playing Among Us

Among Us is a recently popular game with a premise simple enough for anyone to play. Confined within a cartoon spaceship, eight players play as crewmates, running to-and-fro to complete various minigame tasks on the ship. Among the eight players, two of them are “impostors” with the goal to kill the crewmates off one by one to eventually achieve victory. Despite its simple premise, it’s a challenging game because you must outwit actual people rather than computer A.I. It’s a game that requires clever strategizing and trickery in order to win.

The tasks on board the ship that players scramble to complete present a good variety of mini-games within the main game. From finishing a maze to connecting colored wires, the minigames provided are a test of memory and hand-eye coordination meant to distract from the actions of the impostors. Minigames pop up on the screen in windows that take up a significant portion of the screen causing blind spots that the impostors could potentially use to their advantage.

For many, playing as the impostor is the most entertaining role in the game, seeing as it requires a certain level of skill and deception to play successfully. Even if an impostor is caught in the act, the blame can be strategically placed on someone else by lying in the in-game chat, potentially sparing them from being cast off the spaceship. There’s still plenty of fun to be had by the players who are crewmates, however. In between the various minigames crewmates must play detective, using critical thinking and questioning fellow crewmates in the hopes of rooting out the impostors before they can achieve victory.

Among Us is a satisfying and challenging game that pits the player against other players more than the game itself. Playing frequently among the same group of people can lead to a player picking up on people’s strategies and tell-all words and actions, while playing among strangers for the first time is unpredictable and fresh. It’s a game with a simple premise but complex, strategic gameplay, ultimately making it a popular title within the gaming community.